Rachel Mathews

/ Dianoche Designs

"I find Corina's art intriguing as it is familiar, with a special twist to it. In every piece, she captures a place, a thing, or a feeling most can relate to. Her use of color is captivating without being overwhelming."

Warren Trepp

"I'll hang this right between my Picasso and my Rembrandt." Upon purchasing Frank Sinatra - "The Chairman" back in late 2001.

Scott Heckert

Former General Manager of the Downtown Festival of Salt Lake City 2002

"Corina brings the subject of her work to life with great passion and creativity finding the underlining truth of the piece."

Etsy Customer

"Wow, gorgeous!! What a great bathroom mural! Well worth the price!"

Robert Finkelstein

"Do you realize that this will make you famous." Upon licensing my work with Frank Sinatra's Estate back in 2000.

ImageKind Consumer

"A joy to see, stunning work!"

ImageKind Consumer


Valz ♥ - ImageKind Consumer

"w0w! beautiful & a 5 ***** fave ;~}"

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ImageKind Consumer


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ImageKind Consumer

"Will look great in our guitar themed recreation room." -RE: Guilty Pleasure

ImageKind Consumer

"Fabulous Creativity, Wonderful Work!"

ImageKind Consumer

"Wonderful Work. Love your style!"

ImageKind Consumer

"Your work is brilliant!"